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Kayn Abilities - Patch 10.23

Kayn The Darkin Scythe
Kayn Reaping Slash
Kayn Blade's Reach
Kayn Shadow Step
Kayn Umbral Trespass

Kayn ability - The Darkin Scythe

At one point in the game, Kayn will permanently transform into either a Shadow Assassin or a Darkin.

Shadow Assassin: Whenever Kayn deals damage against enemy champions he also deals 12% - 44% (based on level) of post-mitigation damage as bonus magic damage, lasting for 3 seconds upon entering in combat with an enemy champion, refreshing after 8 seconds out of combat with them or by using Umbral Trespass Umbral Trespass.

Darkin: Darkin heals for 30% - 40% (based on level) of the post-mitigation damage that he deals with spells against enemy champions.

Kayn ability - Reaping Slash

Cooldown: 6/5.5/5/4.5/4Cost: 50 manaRange: 350

Kayn dashes forward to strike nearby enemies. Both dash and strike deal 75/95/115/135/155 (+65% bonus Attack Damage) physical damage.

Darkin: Deal 55% Attack Damage (+5% + 4% per 100 bonus attack damage) of the target's maximum health instead.

Deals 40 bonus physical damage to minions and monsters.

Kayn ability - Blade's Reach

Cooldown: 13/12/11/10/9Cost: 60/65/70/75/80 manaRange: 700

Kayn deals 90/135/180/225/270 (+130% bonus Attack Damage) physical damage and slows enemies hit by 90%, decaying over the next 1.5 seconds.

Shadow Assassin: Gain extra range and the ability to move during Blade's Reach.

Darkin: Gain a knock up for 1 second.

Kayn ability - Shadow Step

Cooldown: 21/19/17/15/13 | 8 (Shadow Assassin)Cost: 90 manaRange: 400

Kayn gains 40% movement speed and the ability to walk through terrain for 7/7.5/8/8.5/9 seconds. When he first enters terrain, he is healed for 100/115/130/145/160 (+40% bonus Attack Damage).

Shadow Assassin: Cooldown is set to 8 seconds, gain more movement speed and slow immunity.

Maximum duration in combat with enemy champions: 1.5 seconds.
Immobilizing effects and spending more than 1.5 consecutive seconds outside of terrain end Shadow Step immediately.

Kayn ability - Umbral Trespass

Cooldown: 120/100/80Cost: 100 manaRange: 550

Kayn infests an enemy champion he has recently damaged, becoming untargetable for up to 2.5 seconds. Reactivate to end this effect early. When Umbral Trespass ends, the target takes 150/250/350 (+175% bonus Attack Damage) physical damage.

Shadow Assassin: Gains 200 extra range and refresh The Darkin Scythe on exit.

Darkin: Deals 10% (+13% per 100 bonus attack damage) of target's maximum health damage and heals for 7% (+9.1% per 100 bonus attack damage) of target maximum health.

Base Stats

  • Health: 585 (+85 per level)
  • Health Regen: 8 (+0.75 per level)
  • Mana: 410 (+50 per level)
  • Mana Regen: 11.5 (+0.95 per level)
  • Damage: 68 (+2.8 per level)
  • Attack Speed: 0.63 (+2.7% per level)
  • Armor: 38 (+3.3 per level)
  • Magic Resist: 32.1 (+1.25 per level)
  • Movement Speed: 340


General Tips

General Tips Playing as Kayn

  • Look at the line-up of both your team and the enemy's team when picking your form.
  • Remember that nearby enemies can see which wall you're in.

General Tips Playing against Kayn

  • Umbral Trespass requires Kayn to damage a target first. Try to dodge Blade's Reach to deny him a long range cast of Umbral Trespass.
  • When Kayn is in terrain near you, you will get a visual warning on the edge of the terrain he's in.
  • Damage Kayn while he's in Shadow Step to shorten its duration, or apply hard crowd control (stun, charm, knockup, etc) to end Shadow Step immediately.

Riot Recommended Items for Kayn

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