Ivern Abilities


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Ivern Abilities - Patch 10.19

Ivern Friend of the Forest
Ivern Rootcaller
Ivern Brushmaker
Ivern Triggerseed
Ivern Daisy!

Ivern ability - Friend of the Forest

Ivern cannot attack or be attacked by non-epic monsters. Ivern can create magical groves which costs him 22.5% maximum health and 149 - 111 (based on level) mana on jungle camps which grow over 40 - 30 seconds at levels 1 - 6, 27 - 15 at levels 7 - 11, 11 - 3 at levels 12 - 14, 1 at level 15+. When the grove is fully grown, Ivern may free the monsters to recieve gold and experience. After level 5 Ivern can share jungle buffs with allies.

Ivern ability - Rootcaller

Cooldown: 14/13/12/11/10Cost: 60 manaRange: 1075

Ivern conjures a vine dealing 80/125/170/215/260 (+70% bonus Ability Power) magic damage and rooting the first enemy hit for 1.2/1.4/1.6/1.8/2 second(s). Allies can click on rooted enemies to dash into attack range.

Ivern ability - Brushmaker

Cooldown: 0.5Cost: 30 manaRange: 1100

Passive: In brush, Ivern's attacks deal 30/37.5/45/52.5/60 (+30% bonus Ability Power) bonus magic damage.

Active: Ivern grows a patch of brush for 30 seconds. For 3 seconds the area in and around the brush is revealed.

Ivern ability - Triggerseed

Cooldown: 12/11/10/9/8Cost: 70 manaRange: 750

Ivern shields an ally, absorbing up to 80/115/150/185/220 (+80% bonus Ability Power) damage. After 2 seconds, the shield bursts dealing 70/95/120/145/170 (+80% bonus Ability Power) magic damage and slowing enemies by 50/55/60/65/70% for 2 seconds.

Can also be cast on Daisy.

Ivern ability - Daisy!

Cooldown: 140/130/120Cost: 100 manaRange: 25000

Ivern summons his sentinel friend Daisy for 60 seconds. If Daisy attacks the same champion three times in a row, she will create a shockwave knocking enemies up for 1 second (3s cooldown). Daisy has:

  • Health: 1250/2500/3750 (scales with Ivern's ability power)
  • Armor and Magic Resist: 15/40/90 (scales with Ivern's ability power)
  • Attack Damage: (scales with Ivern's ability power)
Recast to manually issue orders to Daisy.

Base Stats

  • Health: 585 (+95 per level)
  • Health Regen: 6.9 (+0.85 per level)
  • Mana: 450 (+60 per level)
  • Mana Regen: 6 (+0.75 per level)
  • Damage: 50 (+3 per level)
  • Attack Speed: 0.64 (+3.4% per level)
  • Armor: 27 (+3.5 per level)
  • Magic Resist: 32 (+1.25 per level)
  • Movement Speed: 330


General Tips

General Tips Playing as Ivern

  • Try to help allies follow up a good Rootcaller hit with Triggerseed!
  • Use Brushmaker to set up future ambush spots!
  • Daisy can block skillshots and slow down enemies. Use her to peel for your teammates!

General Tips Playing against Ivern

  • Ivern can be deceptively slippery. Be careful chasing him too far.
  • Ivern's brush has a long duration. Watch out for ambushes!
  • Be careful when fighting Ivern alone if he has Daisy ready to help!

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