Lee Sin Abilities - Patch 10.19

Lee Sin Flurry
Lee Sin Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike
Lee Sin Safeguard / Iron Will
Lee Sin Tempest / Cripple
Lee Sin Dragon's Rage

Lee Sin ability - Flurry

After Lee Sin uses an ability, his next 2 basic attacks gain 40% Attack Speed and return 20/30/40 (at levels 1/7/13) energy on the first attack and 10/15/20 (at levels 1/7/13) energy on the second.

Lee Sin ability - Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike

Cooldown: 11/10/9/8/7Cost: 50 | 30 energyRange: 1100

Sonic Wave: Lee Sin projects a discordant wave of sound to locate his enemies, dealing 55/80/105/130/155 (+100% bonus Attack Damage) physical damage to the first enemy it encounters, granting True Sight of the target. If Sonic Wave hits, Lee Sin can cast Resonating Strike for the next 3 seconds.

Resonating Strike: Lee Sin dashes to the enemy hit by Sonic Wave, dealing 55/80/105/130/155 (+100% bonus Attack Damage) to 110/160/210/260/310 (+200% bonus Attack Damage) physical damage based on the target's missing Health. (Max: 400 Damage vs. Monsters).

Lee Sin ability - Safeguard / Iron Will

Cooldown: 14Cost: 50 | 30 energyRange: 700

Safeguard: Lee Sin rushes to target ally. If the ally is a champion, Lee Sin shields the ally and himself for 55/110/165/220/275 (+80% bonus Ability Power) damage for 2 seconds and Safeguard's cooldown is reduced by 50%. After using Safeguard, Lee Sin can cast Iron Will for the next 3 seconds.

Iron Will: Lee Sin gains 10/15/20/25/30% Life Steal and Spell Vamp for 4 seconds.

Lee Sin ability - Tempest / Cripple

Cooldown: 10Cost: 50 | 30 energyRange: 425

Tempest: Lee Sin smashes the ground, sending out a shockwave that deals 80/120/160/200/240 (+100% bonus Attack Damage) magic damage. If Tempest hits an enemy, Lee Sin can cast Cripple for the next 3 seconds.

Cripple: Lee Sin cripples nearby enemies struck by Tempest for 4 seconds, slowing their Movement Speed by 20/30/40/50/60%. Movement Speed recovers gradually over the duration.

Lee Sin ability - Dragon's Rage

Cooldown: 110/85/60Range: 375

Lee Sin performs a powerful roundhouse kick knocking an enemy champion back and dealing 175/400/625 (+200% bonus Attack Damage) physical damage.

Enemies the target collides with are knocked into the air briefly and take physical damage equal to 175/400/625 (+200% bonus Attack Damage) plus 12/15/18% of the initial target's bonus health.

Base Stats

  • Health: 575 (+85 per level)
  • Health Regen: 7.425 (+0.7 per level)
  • Energy: 200 (+0 per level)
  • Energy Regen: 50 (+0 per level)
  • Damage: 70 (+3.2 per level)
  • Attack Speed: 0.65 (+3% per level)
  • Armor: 33 (+3.7 per level)
  • Magic Resist: 32.1 (+1.25 per level)
  • Movement Speed: 345


General Tips

General Tips Playing as Lee Sin

  • Use Sonic Wave before Dragon's Rage so you can chase the target with Resonating Strike.
  • Take advantage of Flurry by weaving in basic attacks between spell casts - this maximizes damage output and minimizes Energy loss.
  • Self-casting Safeguard and using Iron Will are powerful tools for killing neutral monsters (in the jungle).

General Tips Playing against Lee Sin

  • Stay spread out to minimize the impact of Lee Sin's ultimate, Dragon's Rage.
  • Lee Sin has powerful tools to combat physical damage in Iron Will and Cripple but he is still vulnerable to magic damage.
  • Lee Sin relies heavily on following up with his abilities. Use disables to prevent him from chaining together his abilities and attacks.

Riot Recommended Items for Lee Sin

Defensive Items

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