LeBlanc Abilities - Patch 10.23

LeBlanc Mirror Image
LeBlanc Sigil of Malice
LeBlanc Distortion
LeBlanc Ethereal Chains
LeBlanc Mimic

LeBlanc ability - Mirror Image

Cooldown: 60

When LeBlanc drops below 40% health, she becomes invisible for 1 second and creates a Mirror Image that deals no damage and lasts for up to 8 seconds.

Mirror Image has a 1 minute cooldown.

Mirror Image can be controlled by holding the Alt key and using the right mouse button.

LeBlanc ability - Sigil of Malice

Cooldown: 6Cost: 50/60/70/80/90 manaRange: 700

LeBlanc projects a sigil, dealing 55/80/105/130/155 (+40% bonus Ability Power) magic damage and marking the target for 3.5 seconds.

Damaging the marked target with an ability detonates the sigil, dealing 55/80/105/130/155 (+40% bonus Ability Power) magic damage.

LeBlanc ability - Distortion

Cooldown: 18/16/14/12/10Cost: 60/75/90/105/120 manaRange: 600

LeBlanc dashes to a location, dealing 75/115/155/195/235 (+60% bonus Ability Power) magic damage to enemies near her destination.

For the next 4 seconds, activate Distortion again to return LeBlanc to her starting location.

LeBlanc ability - Ethereal Chains

Cooldown: 14/13.25/12.5/11.75/11Cost: 50 manaRange: 925

LeBlanc launches a chain that shackles the first enemy hit, dealing 50/70/90/110/130 (+30% bonus Ability Power) magic damage and granting True Sight of the target.

If the target remains shackled for 1.5 seconds, LeBlanc roots them for 1.5 seconds and deals an additional 80/120/160/200/240 (+70% bonus Ability Power) magic damage.

LeBlanc ability - Mimic

Cooldown: 60/45/30Range: 25000

LeBlanc mimics her most recent spell, casting it again.

Mimicked Sigil of Malice and Ethereal Chains deal 70/140/210 (+40% bonus Ability Power) magic damage, plus 140/280/420 (+80% bonus Ability Power) magic damage from their mark and root, respectively.

Mimicked Distortion deals 150/300/450 (+75% bonus Ability Power) magic damage.

Base Stats

  • Health: 528 (+92 per level)
  • Health Regen: 7.5 (+0.55 per level)
  • Mana: 334 (+50 per level)
  • Mana Regen: 6 (+0.8 per level)
  • Damage: 54.88 (+3.5 per level)
  • Attack Speed: 0.63 (+1.4% per level)
  • Armor: 21.88 (+3.5 per level)
  • Magic Resist: 30 (+0.5 per level)
  • Movement Speed: 340


General Tips

General Tips Playing as LeBlanc

  • Distortion allows you to be aggressive with your other spells while being able to return to safety.
  • Using Distortion can help your positioning to land Ethereal Chains.
  • You can chain Sigil of Malice and Ethereal Chains to prevent characters with blink from escaping for up to 4 seconds.

General Tips Playing against LeBlanc

  • LeBlanc's ultimate can create fake LeBlancs during her spellcast or, rarely, at a distant position.
  • The fake LeBlanc created at a distance will always run at the nearest Champion, cast a harmless spell, then immediately disappear.
  • Attacking LeBlanc first avoids most of her tricks, especially if she's recently used her dash, Distortion.
  • Stunning or silencing LeBlanc will prevent her from activating the return part of Distortion.

Riot Recommended Items for LeBlanc

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