Frequently Asked Questions

About us

We are a very small team of 2 people, very motivated to offer to the League of Legends community the best site ever, although we know that we still have a lot of work to do we love to hear from our users so we can keep improving our site.

One thing is for sure though, if you don't like our website send us your feedback and you'll be heard. Stay in touch with us, you might be surprised.

What is the difference between and other sites?

This is a question we are asked very often, and the first thing we can answer you is that we are constantly improving the site. We LOVE to read our users feedback and suggestions since it is because of that why we keep creating new features that you need.

Talking specifically about some of our features:

  • First of all: you will find most of the features you like in just one place, and we update the site as soon as a new patch is released. So you don't have to worry about hoping that the features you love are up to date.
  • In terms of game information, we pay special attention to the data we get from Riot's API. We have tools that help us when we have to update the content from the site, but still we do it everything manually. We try our best to show you the correct cooldowns, damages, descriptions, etc, and that isn't something we can do automatically if we want to do it right.
  • In terms of statistics, there are some flaws in the Riot's API when it comes to understanding the role / lane of a player. To fix that we created an algorithm that identifies roles and lanes much better, and if it fail we have the appropriate knobs to tune it up when necessary. The same applies when identifying the average tier of a match.
  • The builds section provides you with builds from the latest patch from Platinum+, and that includes builds from pro players as well. With the filters we have you can search for builds for a specific player with a specific champion against other champion, and you will have that information in less than 10 seconds.
  • There are other features we think are great: If you are a content creator for example you can use our runes section to create a rune build and share it with your viewers. The same applies if you want to share an item build they can later on import directly to their game client.

Champion Statistics

How frequently are statistics updated?

The statistics are updated once every 24 hours, prioritizing first the regions with most players but we assure you that every region is updated every 24 hours. This also includes the data for the builds section since the statistics calculator depends on the match collector software.

Champion Builds

I'm looking for a player but the site can't find it although it's a very popular player

That's because the build sections only allows you to search for players that has been active in the last 7 days and belongs to Platinum+ Tier.

I was looking for builds when I realized that some players has their league outdated. Is this feature even working?

Yep! It's working and that's something that will happen frequently. That's because the league for every player it's updated weekly and we think that it makes little difference for the purpose of this section.

How frequently is this information updated?

Please refer to "How frequently are statistics updated?".

I can't see how useful this feature is. What does it make it so special?

Nice question! Thanks for asking. We think that this feature gives you a few possibilities that other sites and other sections from this same web site doesn't gives you.

  • First you can look for builds in any region, from any player, played in certain lane, from any champion and you can also search for builds based on specific matchups. You can find builds for LeBlanc against Zed, even when LeBlanc is played only by Faker or any other pro player!.
  • One of the main differences between this feature and the statistics is that here you can find details about the game played, that will give you some insights about WHY someone decide to build a champion in a certain way. It can be because the player was trying something different, or because the enemy composition made that build viable.

I've found a game that doesn't have enough information

That's probably because the game ended too soon, maybe due to a /remake. If you find a lot of this kind of games you can send us a ticket through the feedback form and we'll adjust the filters.

If you have questions that aren't mentioned here please feel free to send us a message through the feedback form! We'll try to answer you as soon as possible.

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